Residential Permits

Standard Permit Application Requirements

A permit will not be issued to a licensed contractor if the insurance on file expires within 30 days.

Things to Know:

  • Drawings must be specific for the permit.
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Alarm, and Sprinkler System drawings will not be accepted with a building permit submission.
  • Separate applications must be made for each permit type, and the required drawings must accompany each application.
  • See this Bulletin for additional information regarding standard application requirements.
  • Read our Construction Permit Tips

If project scope has been modified after a permit has been issued, an amended permit may be required. Please refer to the Amended Permit Bulletin for an outline of that process.

Construction, Engineering and Permitting

Under PLI's permitting role, it coordinates closely with both the Department of City Planning and the Department of Public Works. A majority of the permits issued by PLI start in the Zoning Department which is part of City Planning. Our permit applications are separated into Commercial permits and Residential Permits.

The first step in the building permitting process is to determine the zoning classification for the parcel under consideration. This process starts at the Zoning counter located down the hall: 3rd floor of 200 Ross St.

Use the navigation menu on the left of this screen to identify the type of Commercial or Residential permit you need.

PLI regulates permits to:

  • Renovate and repair existing buildings or structures
  • Construct additions to existing buildings or structures
  • Construct new buildings or structures
  • Demolish entire or portions of existing buildings or structures
  • Legally occupy existing or new buildings or structures

Code Interpretations

Please refer to our Bulletin Page for a list of ode interpretations in response to common code questions.