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Department of Law
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The Law Department acts as the attorney for the City of Pittsburgh and its officials by providing legal advice to the Mayor, City Council, and various City Departments. It also represents the City in court actions involving damage claims against the City and in other actions, including the defense allegations of  ordinance unconstitutionality; civil rights actions; suits for collection of taxes; enforcement of such ordinances as the Zoning, Building and Traffic codes; damage claims by the City against persons who have damaged City property; eminent domain cases; Federal Bankruptcy Court; and the intervention in tax assessment matters.

The Law Department also represents the City as a municipal corporation in development transactions and operational matters, as well as being responsible for certain filing and revivals of liens and the drafting or approval of proposed ordinances, resolutions, deeds, leases, contracts, legal pleadings, and briefs. The Law Department represents the interests of Pittsburgh citizens in proceedings before such regulatory agencies as the Public Utility Commission by seeking to protect the City against excessive gas, electric and water utility rates.

Department of Law | Lourdes Sanchez-Ridge, Solicitor
313 City-County Building | 414 Grant Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-255-2015 | Fax: 412-255-2285

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