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District two's Neighborhoods are located to the south and west of Downtown across the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers. The District is home to many historic and long-standing neighborhoods as well as fast growing areas with many new business opportunities.

Our Neighborhoods


Banksville is located southwest of Downtown, in the 20th ward, and is surrounded by Beechview and Ridgemont. It is quickly accessible to the new Pittsburgh International Airport. Banksville residents take full advantage of Banksville Park which includes a swimming pool, a playground, a tennis court, a dek hockey rink, a ballfield and a shelter equipped with a full kitchen area. Banksville Elementary School has also been a main stay in this well rounded community, currently enrolling grades K-5. Banksville's residents are very family oriented, with much of the community activity focusing on youth programs and family fun. Much of the neighborhood is suburban in nature, with homes attractively set off by sweeping, manicured lawns and flower beds. This neighborhood is also home to two of the City's largest garden apartment complexes, Hyland Hills and Crane Village and is in close proximity to shopping and entertainment in Downtown.


Beechview is located southwest of Downtown, and has always been home to a diverse group of working class families. Council District 2 shares Beechview with District 4. District 2's area includes parts of Wenzell Avenue, Boustead, Coast and Broadway Avenue, including the Beechview Library. Beechview is surrounded by the Banksville neighborhood. Beechview residents of all ages have a variety of ways to fill their leisure time. Athletic programs, senior activities, and religious, civic and social organizations are available. Recreational facilities include two parks, four parklets, a public spray park, a senior citizens center and a public library. The seldom-seen Greenway, one of the last undeveloped parcels of land in the city, can be explored by nature lovers.

Chartiers City

The Chartiers City neighborhood is located on the far west of Downtown, and is surrounded by Windgap and Sheraden. This neighborhood is just minutes away from the McKees Rocks business district and the Crafton Ingram Shopping Center and is within easy access to the Pittsburgh International Airport. Most of the single family homes are one-story ranches and bungalows, surrounded by flat, well-kept lawns and large backyards.

Crafton Heights

Crafton Heights derived its name from Crafton Borough, its suburban neighbor to the west. Crafton Heights is located west of Downtown, and is surrounded by Sheraden, Elliott, and Westwood. Neighbors in Crafton Heights enjoy shopping at nearby Crafton Ingram Shopping Center. Recreation is an important part of the community with baseball fields, playgrounds and tennis and basketball courts throughout the neighborhood. While many of Crafton Heights' old homes still stand, additional new townhomes and single family homes are being built to satisfy new residents.

Duquesne Heights & Mount Washington

Duquesne Heights and Mount Washington are located directly to the south of Downtown and is surrounded by the West End and the South Shore. This neighborhood is a popular tourist attraction. If you stand on one of the many Grandview Avenue observation decks, you will get a beautiful view of the City skyline and be able to ride one of the only two functioning inclines in the United States. These neighborhoods also boasts an active business district and a wide range of parks, green spaces, and recreational activities including Emerald View Park with its 19 miles of trails along the hillside. Duquesne Heights' and Mount Washington’s population is a diverse mix of single professionals, "empty nesters", and families who have lived in the neighborhood for generations.

East Carnegie

East Carnegie is located southwest of Downtown and is adjoined by Oakwood. The neighborhood is characterized by closely set frame houses on two and three-block long streets. Many families in East Carnegie have lived in the neighborhood for generations, resulting in a close-knit, friendly community. The East Carnegie Parklet on Idlewood Avenue offers residents tennis, basketball courts, a playground and Pittsburgh's only Paintball Park. Transit service is available from East Carnegie to downtown Pittsburgh or the Airport via the Port Authority's West Busway.


Elliott is located west of Downtown. Elliott is surrounded by Westwood, Crafton Heights, and the West End. The community is located on high bluffs, and boasts a breathtaking view of the Ohio River from the West End/ Elliott Overlook. Each year, thousands of visitors come to the West End/ Elliott Overlook to marvel at Pittsburgh's Fourth of July Fireworks or Pittsburgh's Light Up Night in November.


Esplen is located west of Downtown and gains its richness from the Ohio River which it borders. Esplen is surrounded by Sheraden, and Chartiers City. The large frame family houses abound in Esplen, and sit proudly on the slopes above the river lend to the happiness and closeness of the community.


Located on the edge of the City, west of Downtown, Fairywood is a community of contrasts. The neighborhood has grown since its turn-of-the-century days, but it still remains a family community. Fairywood's neighbors include Sheraden, Chartiers City and Windgap. Fairywood is only ten minutes away from downtown Pittsburgh via public transportation and is close to the Crafton Ingram Shopping Center, McKees Rocks Plaza, and Allegheny Center Mall which is just five minutes by car across the West End Bridge.

Oakwood & Ridgemont

Oakwood and Ridgemont are two small, autonomous urban communities. Even though the neighborhoods are close to Downtown, they retain a placid, suburban character. These neighborhoods are located west of Downtown, and are surrounded by East Carnegie and Westwood. Oakwood is home of Oakwood Park, which houses recreation facilities and a newly renovated playground. Residents enjoy Ridgemont's rural greenspaces which present a place to relax after a hard day's work.

South Shore

The South Shore is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh's South Side. The South Shore consists of the areas surrounding Carson Street, from the West End Bridge to the Liberty Bridge. The South Shore is an industrial neighborhood, home to several warehouses and businesses. The neighborhood is primarily made-up of the popular Station Square, a mixed-use historic preservation. The population of the South Shore was 19 residents according to the 2010 Census.


Sheraden is the largest neighborhood in Pittsburgh's western region. It is surrounded by Windgap, Chartiers City, Crafton Heights, and Elliott. Sheraden Park is the focus for most of this neighborhood's recreational activities. Set in a wooded valley, the Park houses a swimming pool, tennis courts, ballfields, basketball courts and plenty of picnic and playground areas. Residents are also proud of the library/community center and the renovated senior center that also serve the neighborhood. Pittsburgh Langley K-8 is attended by many of the neighborhood's children. Service is available from Sheraden to downtown Pittsburgh or the Airport via the Port Authority Transit West Busway.

West End

West End is located west of Downtown. It is surrounded by Westwood, Crafton Heights, and Sheraden. A number of antique stores and locally owned restaurants and taverns along the business district along Wabash and S. Main Streets. West End Park, with its historic gazebo and flower-strewn lawns shares a hilltop with Herschel Park, where active residents play baseball, soccer, and basketball. Each year, thousands of visitors come to the West End/ Elliott Overlook to marvel at Pittsburgh's Fourth of July Fireworks or Pittsburgh's Light Up Night in November.


Westwood is located west of Downtown, and is surrounded by Oakwood, Ridgemont, Crafton Heights, and Elliott. Pleasant homes complimented by large yards and abundant greenery stand quiet along its shady streets. Westwood is a mix of stately older homes and newer homes built within the last decade. Westwood residents are proud of their community, and believe in pitching in to help their neighbors. Westwood offers urban amenities like the recreational complex which includes a swimming pool, basketball courts, and a park.


Windgap is located on the far west of Downtown, and is surrounded by Fairywood, Chartiers City, and Sheraden. This neighborhood is conveniently located with easy access to the Pittsburgh International Airport and is just minutes away from the McKees Rocks business district and the Crafton Ingram Shopping Center. Most of the single family homes are one-story ranches and bungalows, surrounded by flat, well-kept lawns and large backyards.

District 2 Features


  • Station Square
  • The Incline
  • Highmark Stadium

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Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith

Councilwoman Smith was elected in February of 2009 as a member of Pittsburgh City Council representing District 2 neighborhoods. She was appointed as chairperson for the Committee on Public Works and is serving as Council President Pro Tempore.

Theresa lived in the city nearly her entire life and raised her three children in Pittsburgh. As her children grew, so did her civic engagements. She became involved with and worked at a host of nonprofit organizations such as the Pittsburgh Public Schools, The Neighborhood Learning Alliance, and many local athletic associations and community groups. She has nearly three decades of experience in volunteerism. Through her extensive volunteering, she gained a vast amount of knowledge of the neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh and its residents. Theresa is currently a board member of the Pittsburgh Landmark and Bishop Canevin High School and is a member of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee.

As a member of Council, Theresa is dedicated to everyday quality of life issues. Since being elected in 2009, she has worked on the social service, development and environmental needs of District 2.

Theresa comes from a very large family and currently, resides in the Westwood section of District 2. Has raised three wonderful children and enjoys spending quality time with her four grandchildren.

District 2 In the News

  • Check Out the New District 2 Commercial!

    After a lot of hard work from CAPture Production Studios, our District 2 commercial is finally finished and ready to be viewed. The commericial captures beautiful views of our District and highlights every neighborhood. Click the title above to view it!

    Published: 12/14/2016
  • Amendment of Pittsburgh Code Chapter 719

    Councilwoman Smith recently amended Pittsburgh Code chapter 719, section 719.05A permited locations, by including Grandview Avenue, Shiloh Street and parts of Virgina Avenue.

    Published: 05/19/2016

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